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"Arizona Law for Teens"
"Your Teens and the Law"
Our Workshops
TEEN LAW SCHOOL offers two highly interactive public workshops, each packed with practical, useful information about typical teen behaviors and the local, state and federal laws that pertain to them.
TEEN LAW SCHOOL professional leaders expose "The Six D's", the leading legal dangers in teenage life today. 

We share stories and real court cases to illustrate the penalties that real judges are imposing on real kids. We explore the costs of breaking the law in terms of time, money and loss of freedom. And we help kids understand the real life consequences that even an accidental brush with the law can bring, now and in the future as they look for jobs, colleges, housing, professional licenses and even personal relationships.

TEEN LAW SCHOOL offers one hour presentations to parent groups at work, in worship communities and at schools. The focus of the hour is on "The Seven C's" -- the leading challenges facing parents of teenagers in today's legal environment. Topics include:

  • The unique teenage brain
  • Why peer pressure works
  • Top legal dangers of teenage life
  • The zero tolerance environment

TEEN LAW SCHOOL workshops can help parents understand, support and shore up protections around their teens. 

"The Six D's"
Digital Drama
Dumb Stuff
Teens in our workshops report that by 10th grade, more than 80% of their classmates are drinking alcohol.
Arizona's DUI laws are among the most punitive in the nation and teens can be charged as adults. Still, teens come into our workshops entirely unaware of the consequences they  can face.
99% of the teens we meet in workshops are completely unaware that Arizona's strict sexual conduct laws can land even consenting juveniles in jail and on sex offender registries.
Even first time drug violations can prevent young people from entering the military and receiving federal scholarship funds. The vast majority of teens coming into our workshops greatly underestimate the legal dangers of even casual drug involvement. 
More and more teens are coming into contact with the juvenile justice system for sexting and other electronic forms of harassment and bullying. New laws exist that teens need to be aware of before they hit "send." 
Most common teenage offenses occur in dumb moments when kids aren't thinking about consequences at all. We help kids understand the laws and consequences involved with:

Cigarettes and Vaping

Curfew Violations

Disorderly Conduct

Domestic Violence

Fake ID's







And more... 
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