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About Us
Since founding Teen Law School in 2009, Claudia has become a leading voice for teen empowerment and community support for positive youth development. As a leader of many Teen Law School workshops, she has helped hundreds of teens learn to protect their personal freedoms by choosing safe, law-abiding behavior.
Teen Law School lawyers share real life stories about cases that really connect with kids. As first hand witnesses, they tell the truth about how police, prosecutors, courts, and corrections facilities deal with youthful offenders. They help teens understand how easily good kids can meet serious, unintended consequences when they choose to break the law.

Our roster of participating attorneys includes:

Juvenile Public Defenders The valiant public servants who defend in court the rights and welfare of juveniles who cannot afford or choose not to employ the services of a private attorney. Having seen it all, their perspectives help kids understand that the system is far smarter than they are, and that sooner or later the consequences of breaking the law will catch up with them.

Deputy County Attorneys, Juvenile Divisions These attorneys impress upon Teen Law School students the severity of coming into contact with the justice system. Working or having worked in County Attorney offices where they represent the interests of the state, these lawyers decide whether to divert a juvenile, to press formal charges, or file direct transfer to adult court. Guided by the law, the facts of a crime and their assessments of a juvenile's criminal history and ability to rehabilitate, they build and prosecute cases in court that can impact a young person's life forever.

Private Practice Juvenile Defense Attorneys Often former juvenile prosecutors themselves, these attorneys tell it like it is, answering questions about the law and legal rights from Teen Law School leaders and students alike. Teen Law School leaders and attorneys never give legal advice, but they do share information about the law that can help a teen change the way they think about engaging in risky behavior.

Are you a high-energy attorney with juvenile expertise? 

For attorneys who prosecute and defend juveniles every day, Teen Law School is a satisfying opportunity to talk to young people outside of the courtroom before a serious problem occurs in their lives. If you'd like to participate in a Teen Law School workshop in your area, please introduce yourself to us here.

"At the very time of life when kids are most vulnerable to the law, they know the least about the law. 

That had to change." 

Claudia Gilburd
Founder and CEO

Teen Law School, Inc. and The Teen Law School Project (a 501c3) are educational organizations dedicated to helping teens make safer, law-abiding choices so they can hold on to their freedom, personal liberties and future aspirations.

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In addition, she has advocated for legal education for youth in addresses to the Arizona Public Defenders Association, the Joint Arizona Court Administrators, the Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary of the Arizona Supreme Court and the American Probation and Parole Association. She has served as an Associate Member of the Juvenile Law Section of the Arizona State Bar and on the MCESA Youth in Transition Advisory Council, a body commissioned by the Maricopa County Education Services Agency to enhance success for incarcerated youth transitioning back into home, family, school and community. 

Ms. Gilburd is a longtime community activist and veteran advertising professional. Formerly employed by J. Walter Thompson and the Video Enterprises unit of the American Broadcasting Companies in New York City, Ms. Gilburd has extensive experience in public relations, advocacy, and corporate communications. She has served on numerous non-profit boards and task forces including Scottsdale Prevention Institute, Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club, and the Junior Leagues of New York, Tulsa, Wichita and Phoenix.  She is a member of American Women Executives in Corrections and the Arizona Correctional Educators Association.
Claudia Gilburd, Founder and CEO
Beverly Young

As a volunteer case worker for the Juvenile Bureau of Tulsa's District Court, Ms. Young began studying the gap between learning disabilities and juvenile delinquency in the early 1970s. Her work led to her appointment by President Ford in 1974 to the National Task Force for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. In 1995, she was appointed by Governor Frank Keating to the Oklahoma Board of Corrections where she served as member and Chairman for more than a decade. Ms. Young became well known for advocacy of issues regarding female offenders, treatment programs, and re-entry efforts. She remains committed today to breaking the generational cycle of criminal behavior and reducing the number of young people entering the criminal justice system.
A lifelong educator and youth advocate, Dottie's guiding maxim is: With proper conditions and supports, all youth can succeed, no exceptions. 

Charles E. Davis
Mr. Davis is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner PLLC, a prominent Arizona law firm.  In addition to his practice of Business Law, Estate Planning Law and Tax Law, he is a fiction writer, published author and co-founder of Law. com and Scrapbook.com.
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Our Attorney Team
Robert Fudge
HS Teacher, Film Maker, Jazz Man
Dottie Wodraska
Paul O'Connell
In her capacity as Juvenile Transitions Director of Maricopa County Education Services Agency, Dottie is responsible for building a community wide collaborative network of services and support for juveniles returning from secured care to home and family. She is President of the Arizona Correctional Educators Association, a Grant Reviewer for the U.S. Department of Education, a consultant for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency and a sought after national speaker on topics including secure care education and the school to prison pipeline. 
Ann Banks
Community Leader, HR Pro
A former high school teacher, Paul entered the corrections field as a probation officer more than 30 years ago. He recently retired as the statewide Director of Community Corrections and Parole for the Arizona Department of Corrections, Paul is passionate about preventive education for all citizens.
As the former leader of more than 300 staff and line parole officers supervising thousands of former inmates, Paul brings a deep understanding of the profound impacts that crime, criminal thinking, and justice involvement have on individuals, families, communities, and economies. 
Rachael Gilburd, JD
​Co-Founder, Lawyer, Teen Whisperer

Konnie K Young, Esq.
Legal Aid Lawyer, Mother, Teacher
Sonia Sanchez
Prevention/Juvenile Justice Advocate, HS Counselor