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The time for kids 
to learn about the law is before a law is broken.
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People Are Talking About Teen Law School...
From Students

"I never realized how easy it is to mess up your life. I've got to step it up."  A student

"The laws in our state are crazy strict. It doesn't seem fair."  A student

"My friends think they know what's legal but they don't."   A student

"There's too much to lose to do what my friends want. No way I'm getting busted."  A student

"No one wants a record. I learned a lot, thanks!"  A student

"I really liked asking the lawyer questions. That was cool."  A student

"Now I know that cops really do watch Facebook."  A student

From Parents

"Wonderful! Every parent should hear this information." A parent

"My son can't stop talking about all he learned. Thank you!"  A parent

"I wish Teen Law School existed when I was a kid."  A parent

"Every teen in the country needs to attend this class."  A parent

"What a great thing you're doing for our youth. Thank you!" A parent

"Come to my daughter's school - quick!"  A parent

"I wish every one of my son's friends had attended." A parent

"This should be mandatory for all kids." A parent

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