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to learn about the law is before a law is broken.
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Everyone knows that kids will be kids, but when kids break the law unintentionally or even accidentally, the consequences can leave emotional, financial, and legal scars that can last a lifetime.

What kids don't know about the law can really hurt them.

TEEN LAW SCHOOL workshops expose the leading legal dangers of teenage life and teach teens what they need to know about the local, state, and federal laws that govern them. Our trained professionals and local attorneys help teens understand the penalties and the real life consequences of breaking the law, plus the basic principles of legal rights protection.  Our workshops are fun and highly interactive.  They leave kids with a better understanding of the legal environments they live in, and that helps them develop a healthier respect for their rights and responsibilities as citizens, students, friends, and family members. 

Topics include: Drinking, Driving, Drugs, Shoplifting, Curfews, Truancy, Graffiti, Fake ID's, Trespassing, Dating and Relationships, Fighting, Bullying, Sexting, Online Behavior, Protecting Legal Rights, Zero Tolerance Policies, Search and Seizure and much, much more.

  Did you know?

  • Nearly 2 million kids under the age of 18 were arrested in the US last year, most for minor, non-violent offenses*.
  • 200,000 of those juveniles were tried as adults.*
  • 1 in 3 American kids can expect to be arrested by the age of 23**
  • Zero tolerance policies are creating a "school to prison pipeline" all across the country.
  • Even minor violations in a juvenile's past can have life-limiting consequences.
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*** Source:FBI, Crime in America
*** http://bit.ly/jsoh2P

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